Why Some Patients Prefer Alternative Medicines

There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of alternative medicines, such as herbal remedies and medical marijuana, especially before it was legalized in some states. Now that the FDA has approved the use of marijuana for certain treatments, some patients prefer using it over pharmaceuticals. For decades, patients have sought out alternatives for taking medications prescribed by a doctor. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, especially in states where the use of this. In many cases it’s because they don’t want to deal with potentially devastating side effects. The number of patient’s that seek alternative options for treating pain and different ailments is growing.

If you visit any new york medical marijuana dispensary, you might be surprised by the number of people that are there looking to fill a prescription for a wide variety of ailments. Medical marijuana is derived from the marijuana plant and there is a naturally produced chemical in that’s used to treat certain conditions and diseases. Some people are confused by how medical marijuana is different from the marijuana that has been consumed illegally for years. The truth is that there is no difference really, it just isn’t illegal in the states where it’s sold.

It’s worth noting that there are over 100 chemicals in marijuana that’s called cannabinoids. These are chemicals that have the capacity to impact the body in various different ways. The most popular chemicals, which are the ones you’ve probably heard of, are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is what is responsible for causing people to feel high. While CBD on the other hand is what’s believed to have healing properties, which is why it’s found in oils that are all the rage these days. CBD does not have the same properties of THC, which is why CBD doesn’t cause a person to feel high.

Whether it’s medical marijuana or natural vitamins, there are is often a desire to find an alternative solution to taking pharmaceutical drugs for certain medical conditions. In fact, patients with a Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, mental health disorders, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions choose medical marijuana for treatment. While they don’t necessarily choose it for treatment at the exclusion of other medications prescribed by their doctor, that is sometimes the case. Even though some find that choice dangerous, every patient has the right to make the decision that’s bests for them.

When it comes to using medical marijuana, many find that it reduces anxiety and inflammation. There are also a lot of patients that have reported how medical marijuana helped to control nausea after chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It has been known to relax the muscles in the body, which is great for certain medical conditions that cause muscles to tighten. These are all reasons why patients often prefer to use alternative medications. Given the difficulties that often accompany sickness and disease, many patients are willing to do whatever it takes to feel better.